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VCE Programs

Neap has been active in education and the teaching community for more than 30 years over which time Neap has continued to develop and run programs for VCE students. Each program has been carefully structured and timed to be of maximum benefit to students by assisting them in their learning and laying the foundation for them to achieve top marks in their exams.

When students attend a Neap program they are exposed to fresh ideas and approaches to problem-solving. They are taught effective exam skills and techniques which allow them to build confidence and ultimately achieve higher marks.

Students will have access to the most experienced VCE teachers. Teachers of Neap Programs are all experts in their fields and have vast experience in teaching the VCE. They are often Co-ordinators and Heads of Department in their subject areas. They are able to communicate the content and concepts of the various subjects in a way that is easy for students to grasp and understand.

Teachers include State Reviewers of the VCE, experienced writers and markers of VCE exam papers, authors of current VCE textbooks, members of verification and review boards for VCE subjects, and panel members on the implementation of the Victorian schools curriculum. They have an excellent understanding of their subjects, are extremely familiar with the marking protocol of the exams and know what the examiners are looking for. Students will benefit from their combined experience and expertise.

Neap Programs

Scheduled at optimum times throughout the year

VCE Summer Lectures
Get a headstart on VCE (January)

VCE Winter School
A new program revising Unit 3 and giving you a Headstart to Unit 4 material. (July) - NOTES AVAILABLE NOW

VCE September & October Programs
Improve your ATAR (September-October)


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