No FOMO just FOP

No FOMO just FOP

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase FOMO (fear of missing out) or perhaps you’re more akin with POMO (pleasure of missing out)? However, today I heard a new adaption to this phrase that echoed a sentiment that I was feeling, FOP the fear of planning.

We’re all experiencing tremendous uncertainty at the moment and the fear and disappointment of our plans falling through is real. This unfortunate reality is tough for our Year 12 students. There’s no need for me to offer any further commentary on the gloom of empty schoolyards, deferred exams and lockdowns as Term 3 is not how we expected. The difficult question remains, how are our 2021 Year 12’s going to adequately prepare and plan to complete this unpredictable year?

Planning and preparation are key factors to success in any avenue of life or new challenge. It’s with our planning that our confidence grows. Confidence is one of our most powerful qualities while one of the most elusive for teenagers. Some say, “if you believe you can, you’re halfway there”.

While this year’s senior students face incredible challenges in their preparation for final assessments, it is important that we provide them with activities that support their confidence. Encouraging students to complete trial exam papers can promote this. Authentic replication of final exams reduces student uncertainty around the experience.

With greater exposure to practice exams, student anxiety is also reduced as they have a sense of predictability around the task. The date for end of year exams and the setting remain unpredictable but students can confidently plan for the type of task they will be asked to perform.