By ordering Neap Trial Exams or Neap Diagnostic Topic Tests you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

Conditions of Supply

  • Neap Trial Exams are confidential, high security documents and are to be kept under lock and key by the person responsible for their security. Unless otherwise stated on the order, the contact person is responsible for security from delivery until students sit the exam(s).
  • The school, staff and principal are also responsible for their security. When photocopying Neap Trial Exams the entire document must be photocopied including the front page.
    Questions may be excluded from an exam by simply covering the question when photocopying; however, no material from any other source may be used to replace any deleted question(s) in a way that makes it appear to be Neap material.
  • Neap Trial Exams and Diagnostic Topic Tests are licensed to be photocopied or placed on the school intranet and used only within the confines of the school purchasing them, for the purpose of examining that school’s students only for 12 months from the dates of receiving them.
  • Neap Trial Exams and Diagnostic Topic Tests and other materials may not be otherwise reproduced or distributed. The copyright of Neap Trial Exams and Diagnostic Topic Tests remains with Neap. No Neap Trial Exam and Diagnostic Topic Tests or any part thereof is to be issued or passed on by any person to any party inclusive of other schools, non-practising teachers, coaching colleges, tutors, parents, students, publishing agencies or websites without the express written consent of Neap.
  • It is agreed that by placing an order for Neap Trial Exams, Diagnostic Topic Tests and other Neap materials by submitting a form, email, fax or other means, you, the principal and the school agree to these terms and conditions.

Returns Policy

  • Returns/refunds are not available on these resources. Should you wish to view sample pages from last year’s Trial Exams or Diagnostic Testis prior to purchasing, please contact the Neap office on 03 9639 4318.
  • Returns will not be accepted if a school has double-ordered. Prior to ordering, please check that the librarian or another department within your school has not already purchased these resources.
  • Prior authorisation from Neap is required if a school wishes to return goods which were incorrectly dispatched by Neap.
  • If faxing an order, please do not post the original order as this may lead to an order being duplicated.

Updated 2nd March 2023