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The Trial Exams can be ordered by completing the order forms online or use the PDF download and email back to us.

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All of our teacher resources are available to schools only and orders must be accompanied by an official school purchase order number. Resources are not available to individual teachers, non-practising teachers, coaching colleges, tutors, parents, students, publishing agencies or websites. This ensures that schools can use Neap’s teacher resources to test and assess the strengths and weaknesses of their students.

The exact delivery dates for the Trial Exams will be listed on the order form.

The Trial Exams are delivered as a PDF via email to the nominated email address on the order form at the specified delivery date.

Neap teacher resources are produced new each year by panels of teachers who are all experts in their fields and have vast experience in teaching.

The extensive network of teachers who produce Neap teacher resources include State Reviewers, experienced writers and markers of exam papers, authors of current textbooks, members of subject verification and review boards, and panel members on the implementation of the Australian and state-based schools curricula. This ensures that all current curriculum requirements for each subject, as set by the relevant educational authority, are encompassed in every teacher resource produced.

The teachers who choose to work with Neap know that they are working in partnership with a company that is committed to providing the highest quality resources and services. Neap has been active in the teaching community for over 30 years. During this time we have evolved into a leader in our market. This has been possible because of the contribution of our network of teachers, who are equally committed to producing innovative and quality resources and services.

At the core of Neap’s activities is the motivation to provide resources for students and teachers when there is a need. The company’s aim is to produce the highest quality resources and services, to support and enrich teaching and learning for both teachers and students.

If you are a practising and experienced teacher, with a strong knowledge of the curriculum and assessment criteria for your subject area, and are looking to work with Neap to prepare resources or teach programs, we invite you to read more on this page.

We do not enforce a security period for any of our Trial Exams, so you can provide them to your students as you need to.

Yes, if you need to deliver the Neap exams to your students in an online environment for any reason, you are welcome to send the exams to them digitally. This includes via email or uploading them to your school’s learning portal or CMS (for example, Google Drive).

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