The Neap English Mini Guide: Night by Elie Wiesel

The Neap English Mini Guide: Night by Elie Wiesel

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NOTE: All Neap Mini Guides are instantly downloadable PDFs.

The Neap English Mini Guides series summarise and analyse your set texts for you. Written by expert English teachers, they walk you through the entire text by explaining every plot detail and its significance.

This Guide also closely analyses the major characters and themes to boost your overall understanding of the text. You’ll also find key quotes scattered throughout the analysis, as well as a breakdown of textual devices for students aiming for high marks! We also provide a range of practice questions and essay writing tips so you can put your textual knowledge into practice.

Best of all, these Guides come in the form of instantly downloadable PDFs. This means the Guides are fully searchable if you urgently need some specific information. Whether you’re getting a head start on your set texts or need some extra help the night before an assignment, these Guides are sure to make your English studies easier. 

Grab your copy of Neap English Mini Guides today, and let our exceptional teacher authors help guide you on your English journey!