Webinar: Activating Student Agency Remotely

Webinar: Activating Student Agency Remotely


“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned at school” - Albert Einstein

Schools have the difficult task of striking a balance between providing an education that stimulates and invigorates student academic pursuits while also educating students in pursuits of glowing character. Now more than ever, educators are faced with the responsibility to future proof their students by responding to the growing demand for explicit teaching of 21st century thinking skills.

This Webinar is presented by Sarah Wilson, Neap's Head of Digital Learning Innovation.

Objectives of this presentation:

  • Discuss the importance of why digital natives require explicit teaching of 21st century thinking skills as part of our teaching practice.
  • Describe the benefits of shifting traditional views of a teacher to facilitator.
  • Understand the need to prioritise depth of learning over breadth of learning.
  • Gain insight into how teachers can activate student agency while teaching remotely.

About Sarah:

  • Professional background: Sarah is an experienced teacher who has taught within the public, private, adult, and international school settings. Her curriculum experience extends across the VCE, International Baccalaureate, and the Cambridge IGCSE. She has a passion for educational innovations that make a positive impact on student engagement.