Webinar: The Ultimate Exam Preparation for Teachers

Webinar: The Ultimate Exam Preparation for Teachers

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Exams are an integral and unavoidable area of schooling that can often overwhelm teachers and students. It’s one area of school leadership that involves many contributors and can often be cast as an afterthought in terms of school priorities. As educators we may argue about the value of assessment through exams but part of our role remains to provide an environment where academic performance can excel.

This Webinar is presented by Sarah Wilson, Neap’s Head of Digital Learning Innovation who will discuss the importance of your school’s exam culture, provide resources for school policy and documentation and tips for good practice.

This presentation aims to:

  • Reflect on current examination procedures in your school in order to deliver an improved process and experience for your senior students.
  • Ensure academic integrity and assessment security are upheld in your examination program.
  • Implement processes and procedures that can ensure a smooth exam roll-out and reduce stress.

About Sarah:

  • Professional background: Sarah is an experienced teacher who has taught within the public, private, adult, and international school settings. Her curriculum experience extends across the VCE, International Baccalaureate, and the Cambridge IGCSE. She has a passion for educational innovations that make a positive impact on student engagement.